Farragut Housing Post site-visit reflection #3

The visit to the Farragut housing again was very resourceful the notes I’ve taken are really going to help me in the project. We had the opportunity to spend time with Cyriaca Decaille, the property manager of the Farragut Housing complex and ask tons of questions, I was able to take notes on what we saw and the answers to the questions we asked her. This will defiantly help our project since it’s on the youth and education and the programs they are providing to help the residents in the Farragut Housing.

  • Went inside the lobby of the management office
  • of flyers offering services and help for the residents
  • Gates were put up just to keep off the grass to keep the area clean
  • The smoke coming out the tube popping out of the grown was from a tunnel through the building to keep the building warm and extra heat out
  • there is no section 8, because they’re with the federal government
  • programs for training, tutoring, get help with substance abuse, English second language
  • Up the block are always on the news, but not the Farragut housing crime rates not so high
  • With resident watch it helps keep the building safe & clean but only 4 out of the 10 have them and it’s working
  • The schools like Ps 307 are zoned schools so a majority of the kids from the Farragut housing do go there
  • The church named church of the open door , pastor is helpful and involved with the residents
  • In order to apply for the Farragut housing or any housing you’ll need 30% income
  • They have different type of rooms from studio bed rooms to 6 bedrooms for big families
  • Once someone moves they have to fix & clean the rooms for the new owners
  • They don’t have important documents on site like blue prints, you’ll need to head to 250 Broadway, Manhattan NY
  • They never remove the window guards for residents safety
  • Only if placing in an air conditioner but would need someone to install them in permanently
  • There’s always opportunity for jobs in the neighborhood
  • Prince Street is the barrier of rich and poor
  • The main street where they had a Duane read and other stores and markets were replaced with other sky buildings
  • They do have stores like name brands but they can’t afford it
  • The fire alarms seen outside do not work but they do inspect in the apartments for the fire alarm
  • During the summer residents get awards for their gardens
  • In the apartments they don’t have dryers because it’s a fire hazard but in the laundry room they have one
  • Best place in the building is in the middle because when it rains the first floor apartments water gets backed up and on the top floor apartments they experience leaking
  • When applying for housing you can pick the borough but not exact location to be placed
  •  In the interview they need to have a job, verify income and no criminal records

We asked if she believed if it’s a positive or negative idea to build more buildings in the area for residence. She disagrees because the residence that have been living there for years would be afraid they will be kicked out but that will never be the case.

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