5 points to help me focus on my topic.


Redefine topic as narrowly as possible

“The quality of life”

What have you learned about the topic
– beginning the area was farm land, after the revolution the land started to be sold and sectioned for development. The area then was sectioned into blocks and development brand both industrial and residential properties. The vision proposed by Joshua Sand was Olympia, a high end development similar to Manhattan. Seen as a Bustling area for growth. Then suffered a high crime rate. Then was chosen for urban renewal because of the slums, robbery drugs bars prostitution… Many blocks wiped out

What do you want to report about it
– the area prior to urban renewal ( crime rate, demographics, business and its effect on the area , real estate value)

What do I need to know/learn further to accomplish #3

What is my game plan
– find more information

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