Can Wikipedia stand the ever-changing world of technology?

Our ever-changing world of technological advancements puts Wikipedia in a difficult situation. It is hard to picture a world without Wikipedia, “it’s by far one of the most referenced websites.” When it comes to the preliminary research, Wiki is the first that comes to mind. Many organizations and institutions have teamed up with Wimipedia’s that started volunteers to improve thaccuracy and the reliable of research sources.

This movement that started back in 2010 should continue to grow. Essentially Wikipedia can utilize their traffic, as the British Museum has done so, to develop future collaborations. This can give room for Wiki to evolve into a platform not only for research but also a collection of archives from libraries and museums the public don’t normally have access to. Furthermore, majority of the general public may my be aware of the type of material they can get a hold of and Wiki being the trustworthy and generally accepted website, can be the place people go to for these special documents.

I am deeply impressed at Wiki’s reliability for users for the past 14 years . It is truly a remarkable website everyone should use, despite all the negative reputations Wiki may receive.

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