Wrap-up of Monday, and links to digitized archival research resources

Today we talked about Wikipedia and your blog posts responding to the assigned readings. If you did not write a blog post for today, you can still get partial credit if you post it by 10 a.m. Wednesday. See the the readings and prompt for blogging, or ask if you have questions. Don’t forget to create your Wikipedia account and send me your username by email or OpenLab message. I’ll then add you to the course site and give you the code to gain access.

We covered several resources for locating digitized primary sources: photographs, maps, manuscripts, letters, transcripts of government agency hearings, and more. Some are available through the City Tech library databases; many more are free and open for anyone to find.

Library resources (access by authenticating with the library barcode from your City Tech ID)

Public resources (free and open; search from anywhere, no login required)

Have you found others? Let us all know by leaving a comment!

~Prof. Leonard

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