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I enjoyed my visit to Vinegar Hill & the Farragut Houses, but not so much the walking. I was pretty surprised in how cleaned they kept the projects. Bumped into a few neighbors from the neighborhood for example that one lady who insist of us standing on her property and yelling to us to get away and from the young man who lived in the projects that was friendly and just observing at what we were looking at when we passed by his home.  I’m hoping next time we go it isn’t raining so we can have a different perspective on how the neighbors are in the projects for example if they like to come out and play basketball or in the playground. I’m also excited to sketch more historic buildings.

Post Reflection

After visiting the Farragut Houses I have a better idea of the layout of the neighborhood and what the area is really like. Not only observing and sketching but observing the people who live there, what personalities do they have and how is the community there overall. Though the building itself was nothing special the neighborhood has interesting history about the development of the area over the past few decades.

Wikipedia wrap-up, and looking ahead to Monday, September 21

Today our guest lecturers, Ann Matsuuchi, Instructional Technology Librarian at LaGuardia Community College, and Richard Knipel, president of the NYC chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, spoke to us about Wikipedia, including guidelines for creating content, creating an account, and participating in the global community of writers and editors. We looked at the Wikipedia Recent Changes Map that shows edits in real time, and they showed us Wikipedia Adventure, highly recommended for getting accustomed to editing and writing in Wikipedia. They will return on November 18 for a Wikipedia editing workshop.

On Monday, we return to the Farragut Houses for our second site visit. Meet at 10 a.m. at the corner of Hudson Avenue and Plymouth Street, and don’t forget your camera, sketchbook, pens, pencils, and clothing/footwear appropriate for the weather. [map]

Your first Site Report is due by the start of class on Monday, posted to the site and as a printed copy.

~Prof. Leonard

Post Reflection

Our little expedition to Vinegar Hill was a great experience.  I was able to see the beautiful treasure that lay in the backyard of Farragut Houses. The historic validity of it all made me appreciate Brooklyn. I then started to think about the word “quality” as we walked down to Farragut Houses.  The “quality ” of life changed within seconds, what we considered normal became a reality and the definition of city was in it’s whole.  Farragut Houses was not as bad as I have seen it once before.  I  guess because of the time of day it was, I was able to see more of my surroundings and put my biased thoughts aside. Overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait to visit and explore again.