Post site visit reflection

After visiting Vinegar Hill and the Farragut houses for a second time, I was able to obtain more detailed research and understanding of the area. Observing the surrounding blocks also helped me get a feel for the neighborhood and what it is lacking. Unlike the last visit, I came to this site visit with specific questions in mind that I wanted to answer or get information about. It was hard to collect data on some questions that I had, but what I did collect helped me understand the area even more.

One thought on “Post site visit reflection

  1. stephan j.charles

    after visiting vinegar hill and Farragut Houses , we were assigned to different blocks around the area. and I was documenting everything on Front and Gold St corner. i thought i would see a lot of residential homes and less renovation, but was wrong. I walked up to the site and i seen a huge spot abandoned that became a parking lot for the construction workers that worked on these buildings down the block. And one of my focus is that is there any running business on the block,. and how are these people shopping for food. the crime rate was not really my focus because of Farragut houses which is couple blocks away, so i kind of had an idea about the rate. i was surprised about the abandoned lands and the renovations because these buildings look very very old and i thought they thoughts of better projects for these spaces.Different vision by these owners and architect that result renovation.


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