Pre-visit reflection

n advance of our visit to the Farragut Houses, what are your thoughts on the visit and the observation and documentation you’ll be doing? What do you feel excited or nervous about? What do you imagine you’ll discover or learn about?

I haven’t heard of the Farragut houses before today and I walk around New York a lot, I’m also learning more about my city during tours with my company at Gray line New York City Sightseeing , where the tour guys really know there history of New York. I’m excited to find out more about this past of Brooklyn I love the details in the old buildings.  I lived in projects before and I know a bunch of friends and family members who also live in the projects.  So I doubt I’ll be surprise with what we see, but who knows because all projects locations are not the same,  some projects are really clean and the neighbors are nice and some really aren’t. I haven’t been to this location before but I’m excited to find out something new. I hope we find out the actual meaning of the projects because I tried to do some research and got stuck with the story about the immigrants moving to NYC. My drating skills are pretty alright,  I’m excited to see what we end up drawing and learning today.

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