BIRCHBOX — Self Evaluation

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I started off my internship with little experience about still life photography and never working in a big company. But after three short months, I had learn so much! Not only from my supervisor, Marko, but also many of the other kind people at Birchbox. It did took awhile for me to adjust to everything […]

BIRCHBOX — Filming & Editing

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Surprisingly, as a photo intern I did a lot more filming than photographing in this internship so far. Which I have no problem with because video is always something I wanted to improve in. Usually when filming a video, we have either have two cameras or three cameras if a freelancer is brought in. One […]

BIRCHBOX — Holiday Fun

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  I have never really celebrated holidays in the past jobs and internships I have been in so this have been a whole new experience. On Halloween day, the whole office was decorated and people were dressed up. Each team/department had their own team and the Creative Team decided on being Pantone swatches. I was […]

BIRCHBOX — Still Life Magic

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Still life photography was never something I was great at because I focused on portraiture. Also I just don’t have a studio space with lighting equipment to try it out. The only time I have taken still life was during photography classes and a past internship where I made a lightbox out a cardboard box […]

BIRCHBOX — BB Man Acquisition Video

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The Birchbox Man Acquisition Video was my first experience of having a full day of shooting. This video consisted of two full days but I was only available to intern during Day 1. My call time was 8am but I usually like to arrive earlier than I need to be and got to the office at […]

BIRCHBOX — The Culture

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The culture at Birchbox is very different to the places I have worked and interned in the past. It is super fun and relaxed, you can dress however you want (usually everyone is dressed very well and they give me fashion inspirations!) Since everyone is so stylish and fashionable, I try my best to dress well every […]

BIRCHBOX — 6th Anniversary

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Last Thursday, September 15th, was Birchbox’s 6th Anniversary and Customer Appreciation Day! First thing I did was assisted on a Facebook Live with Celebrity Hairstylist Jen Atkin (she does the Kardashian’s hair and looks like one of the sisters). She was here to promote her new haircare brand Ouai, which is being sold on Birchbox’s website […]

BIRCHBOX — First Day

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On September 8th my internship start at 28 East 28th Street, where Birchbox is located on half of 11th (the office) & part of 12th floor (the photo studio). When I arrived to the 11th floor I was greeted by receptionist Tamau; a hilarious British guy that is also in charge of the mail room […]

BIRCHBOX — The Process

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I think I initially saw the internship listing on either Indeed or Linkedin but I usually prefer to apply directly from the company’s website. Therefore, I went on Birchbox’s website and saw they were looking for a Photo Studio Intern and I applied. I would prefer to do graphic design but they do not have […]

The Company — BIRCHBOX

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For the Fall 2016 semester, I am interning for Birchbox as a Photo & Video intern working in the Creative Team that works closely with the Marketing Team. Birchbox is a private company that have locations not only in the US but also worldwide such as Paris, UK, Ireland, and Spain with over 300 employees. […]