Last Date for Withdrawal (Tuesday, May 16, 2023)

Hello all,

This is usually the worst post I have to write up every semester.

Just a reminder, the final date to OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW from a course with a grade of W is Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Not attending the course is not equivalent to withdrawing from a course; it only results in a WU grade, which is equivalent to an F. If you fail the course, it stays on your transcript and adversely affects your GPA. An F grade at the end of the semester will not be erased and will be combined with the grades of your other classes. With a W, CUNY and City Tech will treat it as if you had never attended the class- no harm no foul.

Note: NYCCT will NOT be doing Credit / No Credit this semester. If you haven’t been attending class, you need to withdraw as soon as possible.

Just be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office in NG013 to see how you withdrawing will affect your financial aid.

You can either do this at the Office of the Registrar in NG015, or withdraw on CUNYFirst. Here are the directions.

If you believe yourself to be failing this course, please email me at

-Professor Lee

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