V. Lee | E042 | Summer 2023

Day 1 Notes


Assignments (all due within 1 week of class)

Wiley Plus (Graded) Homework CHAPTER 1
Wiley Plus (Graded) Homework CHAPTER 2

Prep for Next Class

2.3 Stem-and-Leaf Displays
1.7 Summation Notation using a T1 84
3.1 Measures of Central Tendency for Ungrouped Data
Learn how to use the calculator to find measures of central tendency
3.2 Measures of Dispersion for Ungrouped Data (omit
coefficient of variance)
Learn how to use the calculator to find standard deviation
3.4 Use of Standard Deviation only section 3.4.2
3.5 Measures of Position
3.6 Box-and-Whisker Plot; outliers, left and right skews

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