There is always a staff member that overflows with the knowledge of corporate world, right? Well, what can happen when they don’t turn up on one important day due to some emergency?

One of the best and great ways to ensure that all your staff has unlimited and quick access to corporate knowledge is to create as well as manage a reliable knowledge management system. They can be anything right from an already established intranet to collaborative work space online.

However, your knowledge management system should be current and must have the ability to offer your staff with the resources and tools that they require. The following are some of the most useful ways to enhance it.

Let your staff create content

You can encourage your staff to not only create, but also share the content since it can greatly enhance your KMS (Knowledge Management System) by generating database of a collective organizational knowledge. Promoting staff involvement in this entire process will even assure them that you value the work of every staff member.

Offer them with enough space to upload their work project achievements as well as lessons learnt. It is the simplest way to encourage them to create content. These spaces may include a blog or an internal forum too. Content sharing can even take forms of the interactive events like live Question and Answer sessions and webinars.

Include search functionality

The best KMS like LogicalDOC includes search functionality that allows your employees to easily and quickly find as well as share information from the system. It can thereby lead to improved productivity.

To state in simple words, your staff would not use your KMS unless it has exceptional search function. When using such tools, there can be nothing worse than failing to find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the easiest ways to enhance search function of your KMS is to:

  • Create proper indexing system. Once you are done with your audit, ensure that all the documents in your system are properly listed against their keywords. Prevent from technical jargon while doing this.
  • Use tags in your document. In simple words, tags are nothing but the keywords that allows anyone to search for all documents on some particular topic.
  • Introduce advanced search option – Advanced search offers numerous fields to define as well as narrow down the search results.

Make your system mobile-friendly

Today, more and more people have started working from home or travels for their work. So, making your KMS mobile friendly will enhance experience of your staff even when they are out of their workplace. One simple way to do it is to plan your intranet by applying responsive design approach.

This approach finds out what kind of device is being used by your staff while accessing the system and then it develops site to fit that screen. The following are some of the important concerns to take care of when going for it.

  • Font size – Ensure that all fonts are large enough that users don’t require zooming in.
  • Prioritize information – Whenever your staff isn’t in office, what information they need first? So, place those first and ensure that all documents are compatible to non-PC devices as well.
  • Small screen sizes – Since the screen sizes are quite small of most of the mobile devices, it means that you might not be able to include entire information. Well, you can then pick up the most important information on the basis of your staff’s requirement when they aren’t in office.

The above tips will greatly help you to get started and pave your way towards an efficient knowledge management system. Get the most out of it by following them!