Abstract Tube

Your dissertation or research paper is complete. You are ready to present and publish. But how do you get the word out to others? How do you share your work so that others can search for it? You need a way to show off your work to your friends, your mom, and those looking for more information about your area of research. Abstract Tube (https://www.abstract.tube/) is the perfect solution for you!

Abstract tube is a video platform like youtube, but dedicated for scholars, researchers, students, and professors. This video platform allows researchers or scholars to upload an abstract for their work in a video form. Abstract Tube is the only video platform for abstract videos. It is perfect for uploading abstracts in a video form for scientific journals, conference papers, theses, dissertations, unpublished works, and academic synopses. Research is evolving as technological advances allow new ideas to come to fruition. The methods we use to share this research must also evolve. Moving abstracts from text to video reaches a greater audience and ensures that your work reaches a younger, more current audience as well as a seasoned audience looking for fresh ideas.

This is an amazing way to engage an audience. Video allows viewers to feel as if they are engaging with the researcher. Rich information quickly reaches a large audience through video. Abstract Tube will transform the way we find and share scholarly ideas and information.

Benefits for Researchers

Anyone who has written a white paper, dissertation, thesis, conference paper, medical report, or any type of research can benefit from AbstractTube. Abstracts are the vehicle used to share a quick synopsis of the research. The ability to create that abstract in video format takes this process to an entirely new level full of new opportunities.

Using video, a researcher can “sell” the research. He or she can show their passion for their work and explain their motivation behind the research or topic. In a quick, two minute video, a scientist can explain why this work draws their attention, why they want to share it with others, and why they are devoting their life to learning more about this topic. That scientist can even give a bit of history of the topic and research completed up to this point. This type of abstract will draw a reader in and make him or her want to read the entire research document.

Video abstracts allow the viewer to get to know the presenter on a whole new level, adding to the credibility of the presenter and of the research itself. For example, a medical doctor publishing about a new technique can easily draw attention by presenting himself as a person who truly cares about his patients. He can present his new idea in video format encouraging the viewers to trust him and his new ideas.

Another great benefit of video abstracts is the ability to share multimedia components. A scientist can share charts, diagrams, graphics, or even animation that highlights important aspects of the research. An article for a medical journal may preview graphs outlining new information. A student can share quick eye-catching graphics to draw more attention to his or her thesis or dissertation. Video simply allows the addition of media that text cannot allow.

Additionally, video abstracts will draw better search engine results. With the use of strategic tags and keywords, videos are easy to search and easy to find. Videos receive more clicks and allow more people to quickly access your work. Ultimately, the use of Abstract Tube will help you reach a greater audience.

Unpublished? This could be your answer. By creating a video abstract and submitting it to Abstract Tube, your work may draw attention from professional journals, universities, or others looking for great ideas and great research to pursue and publish.

Benefit for Readers and Viewers

If you are searching for research on a topic, reading through abstract after abstract can be so tiring. After a while, they all start running together. Abstract Tube makes this process much more engaging and very simple.

Abstract Tube helps to streamline your search. Just like youtube, you simply type in your keywords to find abstract videos highlighting current, relevant research. Instead of spending hours pouring through printed abstracts, you can quickly search for a list of videos to watch. While watching, you can determine if this paper is what you need to complete your search.

As a viewer, you have the ability to meet the folks behind the paper. You can hear them explain why this research is important to them. You can learn why they devote their lives to this work. Getting to know the doctors, professors, and scientists behind the documents allows you to better understand the research they conducted and the articles they have written. It makes your learning and understanding much more personal.

Abstract Tube is revolutionizing the way we conduct and publish information. There are so many reasons to move toward video abstracts, and Abstract Tube is the only company out there that provides a platform for these videos.

Law of Attraction for Student Success

What is the Law of Attraction and how can it help a student find success? In its most basic form the Law of Attraction is the idea that our thoughts can become things.

Think of the story of Aladdin and his lamp. When the lamp is rubbed Genie comes out to grant Aladdin 3 wishes and whatever he asks for the Genie must provide.

The Law of Attraction is like Genie in that whatever you ask it, you will receive. Except you don not have a limited number of wishes to ask for.

The thoughts we have all resonate at different frequencies into the universe and those frequencies will attract like frequencies. Mix these thoughts with strong feelings and your output immensely.

You must be watch what you are thinking though because the Law of Attraction doesn’t decide what’s good or not so even if you thing negatively that is what you are attracting to yourself.

For example, if you have a test coming up and you keep telling yourself that you are going to do poorly on it, guess what? Whatever you ask for, you shall receive!

I’m going to give you a simple formula to help you use the Law of Attraction for your benefit. Desire + faith + action = results.

If we truly desire something, have faith that it will come to pass, and work towards attaining it you can attract anything into your life that you want.

Deep down, what do you really want? Maybe it’s to graduate with honors…let’s work with that. You already have the desire part so now we need to add faith. The definition of faith I use is this…belief in things hoped for that are not seen but are true.

A couple of ways to develop faith and overcoming your fears are using affirmations and visualization techniques.

Whatever we constantly tell ourselves on a daily basis tends to form our belief system. This is why affirmations are so critical. Once you have figured out your goal (desire) you should write down on paper how you plan on achieving it.

Example, “I John Doe will graduate with honors by June 2022 and in order to achieve this I will study and work towards its attainment every day.”

Read this out loud every day as you wake up and every night as you are going to bed until you have attained enough confidence within yourself to know that it is going to happen. Turn your faith into knowledge.

Next, start using visualization. Let’s keep going with the honors theme…Close your eyes every night and visualize yourself holding up your diploma on graduation day with the ribbons showing off your honors.

See it, feel it…picture as much detail as you can until you feel like it’s already happened.

Finally, you must put in the work. Hang out with others that have the same desire to succeed as you do, pay attention in class, study, do your homework and don’t stop learning!

Genie is waiting to provide you with whatever you desire, all you have to do is ask. Use this formula and I guarantee you will find success.

Not just in school but in life. Desire + faith + action = results.

Control your mind and you will control your destiny.

Entrepreneurship or Leadership: Which is the best?

To be highly successful in business you need to either have entrepreneurship or leadership skills or a combination of both. All too often people in various business fields today confuse these two terms thinking the terms are interchangeable. While there is a definite link between entrepreneurship and leadership there are distinct difference in the two.


An Entrepreneur is someone who is pretty much a self starter. They are the one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business venture of business. Entrepreneurs normally assume the financial risks, of a start up venture or business, they organizes everything and manages how the money is spent. Entrepreneurs are usually a sole proprietor or partner of a small business and are the person who is the innovator. An Entrepreneur may not have the best leadership skills, but know enough to hire people who possesses those skills.


Leadership is the ability of a person to guide or direct a group of people to work towards a common goal. They tend be good at managing others effectively through communication and inspiration. (See this example of a
good leader https://homebusinessmag.com/growing-a-business/how-to-guides-growing-a-business/simon-arias-shares-stunning-business-hacks-help-brand-thrive/) A good leader doesn’t need to be a risk taker and may not actually invest any of their own money in the venture or business. They also may not be particularly innovative they just need to inspire those people who are. Here is a blog that shows how to inspire others https://twitter.com/simonaarias.

Which is Best Entrepreneurship or Leadership Skills?

Which set of skills you possess will set the path for your career. People who have entrepreneurship skills will often find themselves investing their own money in start up companies or engaging in social entrepreneurship that benefits many of people. Entrepreneurs are often filled with ideas and need to determine which ideas to put their energy and money in to get their venture off the ground. In some cases, an entrepreneur has such a good idea that other people invest in their idea lessening the financial risk to the entrepreneur.

People with leadership skills often lack the desire to take the financial risks necessary to become an entrepreneur. They may also lack the ability to come up with innovative ideas. What they do possess in an abundance of
qualities that can encourage others to work together inspiring their own innovative skills and encouraging them to perform at their very best.

However, things are not always so black and white. Many entrepreneurs have at least some leadership skills, which is helpful when getting a new venture or business off the ground. While not every entrepreneur is inspirational many are inspiring enough to encourage others to believe in their vision. And more often than not a good leader often has some of the same skills that makes a good entrepreneur. http://simonarias.net/

Whether you are a entrepreneur or a leader perfecting your skills, and not giving up on your dreams is sure to make you successful in business and even in life. Learn more about being an entrepreneur and leader here: https://blogs.ubc.ca/randomthoughts/2018/01/23/simon-arias-the-inspiring-story-of-an-entrepreneur/

Let Your Business’ Knowledge Management System Be Enhanced With These Tips!

There is always a staff member that overflows with the knowledge of corporate world, right? Well, what can happen when they don’t turn up on one important day due to some emergency?

One of the best and great ways to ensure that all your staff has unlimited and quick access to corporate knowledge is to create as well as manage a reliable knowledge management system. They can be anything right from an already established intranet to collaborative work space online.

However, your knowledge management system should be current and must have the ability to offer your staff with the resources and tools that they require. The following are some of the most useful ways to enhance it.

Let your staff create content

You can encourage your staff to not only create, but also share the content since it can greatly enhance your KMS (Knowledge Management System) by generating database of a collective organizational knowledge. Promoting staff involvement in this entire process will even assure them that you value the work of every staff member.

Offer them with enough space to upload their work project achievements as well as lessons learnt. It is the simplest way to encourage them to create content. These spaces may include a blog or an internal forum too. Content sharing can even take forms of the interactive events like live Question and Answer sessions and webinars.

Include search functionality

The best KMS like LogicalDOC includes search functionality that allows your employees to easily and quickly find as well as share information from the system. It can thereby lead to improved productivity.

To state in simple words, your staff would not use your KMS unless it has exceptional search function. When using such tools, there can be nothing worse than failing to find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the easiest ways to enhance search function of your KMS is to:

  • Create proper indexing system. Once you are done with your audit, ensure that all the documents in your system are properly listed against their keywords. Prevent from technical jargon while doing this.
  • Use tags in your document. In simple words, tags are nothing but the keywords that allows anyone to search for all documents on some particular topic.
  • Introduce advanced search option – Advanced search offers numerous fields to define as well as narrow down the search results.

Make your system mobile-friendly

Today, more and more people have started working from home or travels for their work. So, making your KMS mobile friendly will enhance experience of your staff even when they are out of their workplace. One simple way to do it is to plan your intranet by applying responsive design approach.

This approach finds out what kind of device is being used by your staff while accessing the system and then it develops site to fit that screen. The following are some of the important concerns to take care of when going for it.

  • Font size – Ensure that all fonts are large enough that users don’t require zooming in.
  • Prioritize information – Whenever your staff isn’t in office, what information they need first? So, place those first and ensure that all documents are compatible to non-PC devices as well.
  • Small screen sizes – Since the screen sizes are quite small of most of the mobile devices, it means that you might not be able to include entire information. Well, you can then pick up the most important information on the basis of your staff’s requirement when they aren’t in office.

The above tips will greatly help you to get started and pave your way towards an efficient knowledge management system. Get the most out of it by following them!

Las Vegas: Building Careers, Building Homes

Hearing the place Las Vegas paints a picture of night life, 24 hour casinos, luxury hotels, and all the vibrancies of fun and entertainment in our minds. But, why not think about economic growth, business and job opportunities, an established career path, and a strategic place for building your dream home, especially with a lot of condos for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Job Seeker

With nearly 43 million visitors yearly, the tourism pull of Vegas has jump started a positive change in the city: from structural to economic growth, it has opened doors for both the city and its occupants in the area. Various employment opportunities have been popping up every now and then with new businesses being built every day, like three mega projects awaiting 10,000 workers for hire. So, for job hunters and young professionals, it is a place with a lot of open doors for employment and career starters.

The Career Builder

This lively city whose various industries are open 24-7 is also a perfect place to build the career that can settle you for life. Having one of the lowest cost of living compared to other cities in the United States, people from all over move into this busy city and most of them stay. Its population growth creeps up to a nearly 2% average within the last five years and unemployment stays at a 5.5% rate, since the government takes care and gives its support on all projects and activities so you can be part of its lifeline or the ones who maintain it.

The Home Maker

Looking for that dream job also means looking for a place to settle down or just a place to crash in while settling plans for the future. However, a lot of things are taken into consideration when looking for that perfect place you can call home, and, prices and location are one of them. The LasVegasRealEstate.org offers a wide variety of choices for those who may have just got their first jobs, thought of their first investments, or those who are looking into a place to build their families.

The popularity of Vegas also offers the popularity of condos for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada that fit anyone’s budget. With an area size of about 136 square miles, condo units do not require that much of a space but are located strategically from where you want to work and where you want to go home to. Just check LasVegasRealEstate.org and maybe you can find your next home, clean and ready for welcoming its new occupants.

Land that Sweet Dream Job with Velvetjobs.com!

Nowadays with the economy being as it is – unpredictable and prone to sudden changes – it can be difficult at times for professionals to land a perfect job that pays the bills. A lot of displaced workers need to get back into the grind to get their lives back on track – and they need assistance to get their names out and to find a respectable employer who can provide them with the jobs they need. Every little bit counts as they say and a website that cares is truly a perfect fit – just like Velvetjobs (https://www.velvetjobs.com) – a website that caters to job-seekers all over!

Recent statistics from the BLS state that the unemployment rate in the United States is at 4.4% (https://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm), relatively low, but still a figure that needs to be decreased. And VelvetJobs outplacement services (https://www.velvetjobs.com/outplacement) aims to help job-seekers get placed in the best possible jobs that are available for them. Not only will they help applicants create their own resumes but the curators would also help the job-seeker find possible postings that would fit their characteristics and previous employment experiences.

Once you enter the website, you will notice that the layout is already professional looking – straight-up, nothing fancy and direct to the point. The simplicity of the layout and the colors show that they’re serious in getting you the job you need. Nothing distracts you – the simplicity works wonders, drawing your attention in and helping you focus on what you must do.

Highly navigable and with a user friendly interface that makes it easy for job seekers to locate the buttons and features needed to create a resume, the website is determined to get your name out in the open – helping you to get a foothold in the industry that you want to enter.

Getting your name into shortlists would appear to be an easy thing as the site offers choices to give your resume a professional look as well as enough prompts to help you make your resume not only presentable but more importantly filled with substance!

Remember, employers want to have employees who can cope with so many things in the workplace and if you can do it, you have to include it in your resume – every little bit counts!

You also have the option to hire experts to craft your resume for you – they will not only provide you with the needed assistance in writing and highlighting your skills – they also help you feel comfortable with what you have written. Furthermore, the site also helps you to publish your resume – whether you want it in print or for online publication – they have this in store for you!

Additionally, the site offers career advice and tips to get that dream job that you’ve been aspiring for – articles that would no doubt be helpful for your quest to become a highly productive citizen. It also prompts you to review your resume at your leisure and would guide you to help your best foot forward.

With that said, VelvetJobs will help you land your dream job and more. You Visit their website for more details and get your name out in the industry you wish to enter. It’s fast, it’s easy and you can do it in a snap!

How To Patent And Protect Your Invention Ideas

If you’re an aspiring inventor, wanting to change the world with your creations then you’ll need to keep reading. Even if you have a great idea, the possibility of someone else stealing it, or someone else thinking it up after you do is always there. Imagine spending years thinking up your new invention only to have the title as inventor snatched away from you, from somebody who only copied your idea. In order to prevent this, you’ll need to get yourself a patent. A patent will give you the exclusive right for an invention, meaning you are the rightful owner and are free to use and modify your creation as you wish. Here, you’ll find out exactly how to patent an idea.

1.) Know if your idea can be patented. Before you can patent an invention or idea, you need to determine whether or not it is actually eligible. Do research on proper patenting laws specific to your country before proceeding to patenting, or further steps.

2.) Make sure it’s actually unique. Is your new product something that’s been done before? Is it similar to somebody else’s creation? You need to think long and hard about whether or not your new idea is actually unique, useful, and plausible. If it can’t be put to practical use, and can’t benefit or make the lives of you and other individuals easier than before, then it isn’t very patentable.

3.) Make sure your idea isn’t patented yet. Look through the patented inventions not only in your respective country, but also around the world in order to determine if your invention hasn’t been done before, else you’ll only be wasting your time and effort for something that isn’t going be to able to take flight.

4.) Get professional and legal help. Everybody, especially individuals who happen to dabble in inventing and innovative ideas, knows that filing for a patent can be a long and arduous task. In order to help you out, you can get professional help. Consider all of your options. If you would like, you could hire a specialized patent attorney considering they’re more the qualified to help you out. However, this option can be rather expensive. If you want an easier solution, why not visit InventHelp, a website which has helped a wide myriad of scientists and inventors patent their work through their patent referral system. It is far more convenient, and can be less costly than hiring and consulting with a professional lawyer on your own.

5.) Determine what type of patent you need. Once again, you can make your process easier by going to InventHelp– they’ll guide you along the way and give you all of the information you need and refer you to a patent attorney, so you don’t have to research and debate about all sorts of patents. Make your invention get out to the world faster and easier, and head over to the InventHelp website as soon as you can to get free information. Great talent shouldn’t be kept a secret, after all, but should be shared to the world (after it’s protected with a patent).

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