The team is required to keep track of all the time that they meet outside of class either in person or online using collaborative tools.  It not necessary that every team member be present in every meeting or conversation.  There is no right or wrong amount of time to be spend working as a team – remember that quality of time and effort is more critical than quantity and the results will show in the final product.

For each entry please identify the “topic” the team “members participating” and the “date and time” and the “method” (online/email/in person) .  Like a time sheet in a professional office this will

Team meeting on Facebook discussing how to fix problems and helping each other catch up to speed.

Mark Knyazev 1:44am- was trying to make corrections

Team meeting on Facebook Sat and Monday 8-9

School Meeting 10/14/11 3-7:30pm-Worked on revit file as group and discussed our webpage