On this page please list your team member names and provide a description of each of you.

The group who were are.

Mark Knyazev-┬áIt’s hard to say who I am because of all the different things I like to do. To explain why I am interested in architecture is easy the reason is both my grandfathers were in the construction business so out of all the respect I have for them I set myself a path that hopefully will led me to become an architect.

Angela Gavalas- My name is angela I have always been into art. I paint draw and do sculpture on my spare time. I have my associates degree in design. I am very much intrigued by architects like zaha hadid and frank gehry and aspire to be as successful an architect as my role models. My fascination with the idea of one day seeing one of my buildings built is what gives me the fuel to finish my degree . In the mean time while attending school I am also a full time make up artist. Pleased to meet you all and I look forward to a great semester! :)