” about me “

Name:  Syndi Wilkinson – Interviewed:  Jeffrey

1. What attracts you to the study of Architecture?

Is that it’s like a work of art but there’s a structure to it. You can make something that would leave people in aw but be able to show how you made that structure came to be.

2. What are your interests or favorite activities?

In his spare time he likes to draw, watch movies, and listen to music. He is interested in baseball and a big Yankees fan.  He likes watching the games; he’s not too good at the actual sport. He also likes spending time with family and friends

3. As a student and a team member what are your greatest strengths?

As a teammate, his greatest strength is that if he’s given a task, that task will get done.


4. As a student and a team member what do you most want to improve?

He needs to improvement with communication with my teammates after school hours or meeting up to work on projects.



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  1. You are putting this in the wrong place- it belongs on your team site under the “About My Team” page

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