Emotions 1101 (and Student Profiles)

This page contains links to information for our Learning Communities discussions, readings, and assignments and also will contain our student profiles. These will run as a blog post on our classes main page and will be updated as they come in:

Assignments and Handouts:


Student Profiles

The New York Times photo essay, “My First Year,” shows college freshmen new to New York City at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the school  year. Your student profiles should discuss a personal item or idea that helps you maintain a sense of identity as you transition into this new phase of life.

Sam Castro

Christie Chen

Angelo Figueroa

Ruth Flores

Shivanie Gangarum

Yunio Grullon

Munir Ibrahim

Teerani Jagnarine

Daniel Lai

Tokhirjohn Malikov

Fyruz Ramisa

Andreen Shambo




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