Exit Through the Gift Shop- Discussion Post

It is interesting how Thierry filmed constantly, it almost seemed that he looked at the world in a different view. You can see everything from his perspective and how the art world evolved. You can even say that without his obsession to record we wouldn’t be able to see everything that would unfold in street art. He also has a sad backstory in why he films but it helps you understand him better and why he films. The idea that he captures all his memories in order to preserve them might be obsessive to some but it is also beautiful because it allows memories to last longer. Even without him watching them just filming them I feel makes him remember them better. I like how in the process of filming these artists he became an artist himself not only through film but by creating his own sticker and poster. This film shows the dangers of street art but also the passion behind these artists.

I felt like towards the end he was too sucked into the street art world and wanted to become one himself without going through the struggle of an actual street artist. The art he created had no meaning unlike other street artists. Reputable street artists such as Banksy and Invader almost seemed disappointed by his art gallery because he didn’t seem to understand the meaning behind street art. The mass production of art I feel contradicts street art as it is supposed to be one of a kind and stands for something. Some of Banksy’s art is political and shares a message whereas it seems Thierry was more intrigued by the fame of it all.

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