Visual Quote Project Phase 1-3

A Beautiful Body Perishes, But a Work of Art Dies Not

Leonardo Da Vinci
Concept 1 Sketch

For the first concept I wanted to focus on the typography of the quotes and use expressive fonts such as cursive and italics in order to show the words in action. This was a simpler idea that I believed could get the message across without including an illustration. I made beautiful and art in cursive while I italicized perish and art.

For the final concept I made the entire quote in cursive and instead focused on color. The words beautiful and art are pink as well as the artist. I chose pink as I feel it has a more delicate but formal feel to it.

Concept 2 Sketch

The second concept builds on the first by adding more elements and making the words thicker in order to play with color. The word “perish” has a gradient to make it seem like it is disappearing while I emphasized the word “not” by making it bold.

For the final concept art I made the word perish still fall apart but I also played with color. The background is a tan color because I felt white was too plain. In order to focus on the second part of the quote I decided to make it a red color so it could pop.

Concept 3 Sketch

In the third concept I wanted to add an illustration rather than work on the text itself. I decided to draw someone holding a painting however the person is slowly breaking apart as if perishing while the art remains the same.

For the illustration I kept the original idea but this time decided to have the Mona Lisa as the work of art since Leonardo Da Vinci painted it.

Final Concept

Concept 4 Sketch

The last concept includes art from Leonardo Da Vinci himself. I wanted to illustrate the Mona Lisa as art and as a person. For the first part of the quote I made her age however the painting of herself stays the same as the quote says that art does not die. I decided on focusing on the for my visual quote project because I feel it illustrates the quotes more than my previous concepts.

This was the concept I decided to choose as my final as I liked the idea the most and represented the quote better. I improved my sketch by having the Mona Lisa as a person and as a painting. In order to show the difference I drew the frame around the painting. I changed the placement of them as well and added more details so that people would recognize who the person is.

All four concepts