About Me

Layla Flores

I am a student at CityTech and part of the Communication Design Major. I will graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Spring of 2024. Art has been a passion of mine fore a long time and I have been creative even as a young child. At first I was reluctant to begin a career as an artist as many people discourage it due to the unstable income it can bring. When I first attended college I went to LaGuardia Community College and got an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts: Math and Science but it left me feeling unfulfilled. Half a year later I decided to go with my dream and decided to enroll in CityTech for the Communication Design Program. Since enrolling I have learned so many new skills and know my way around different adobe programs. The assignments are fun and challenging and the teachers encourage me to improve upon my work. I am open to learning new and more difficult skills to increase my knowledge. In the future I would like to take on projects and commissions wether it be digital or physical work.