3D Graphic Design- Discussion Post

Listening to the guest speaker, Michael Wiehart, it was interesting to hear the process behind making 3D art. Wiehart talked about the amount of time that he had to put into learning 3D art and it was impressive how dedicated he is. I didn’t realize how much graphic visuals are produced as a product of 3D design. It’s something we come across in daily life but sometimes it’s easy to forget that someone made it. As a 3D artist I believe that observation has to be an important skill as it’s a big part of understanding how you’re going to create certain textures. An example is David McLeods work as he experiments with furs and wood textures. Before working on the  design he must have examined the textures first. Overall, 3D design is an admirable profession that takes a lot of hard work. It’s a topic that I’m interested in and might experiment with further in the future.

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