Week 5: Reflections

by Emily Melling

This week at TANK Industries was relatively slow. I only worked the first couple of days and took the rest of the week off for the 4th of July. The project I’m wrapping up my internship with involves sketching and vectorizing illustrations for a PR firm’s website, aiming to match their existing art style. Initially, I planned to complete only two out of the nine illustrations, but I’ve managed to sketch three so far, with two more to go. Next week, I’ll be focusing on vectorizing these illustrations and finalizing the project for the firm.

My mentor and boss mentioned that if I don’t finish the project by the end of the internship, he would hire me as a freelance designer to complete it. This opportunity is really exciting and gives me added motivation to perfect my work.

Despite the short week, I’ve found this project to be a valuable experience, allowing me to apply and expand my skills in both sketching and vectorizing. I’m looking forward to the next steps and the possibility of continuing my work with the firm as a freelancer to finish this project.

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