Week 4: Reflections

by Jerzey Wierzy

This week was both enjoyable and refreshing due to my new projects. I spent part of my week editing a “how-to” video for a client’s website. The product featured in the video is a solution for managing extra reusable bags. It involves a mailer bag sent to your home, where you pack clean reusable bags to be shipped out for sorting and redistribution. I used my knowledge from my Intro to Video class to splice the provided clips together. Hopefully, the video will be up on the client’s site before the class ends, so everyone can view it.

After completing that project, I started illustrating scenes for a PR company’s website, specifically for their “Industries” pages. The client’s company draws a lot of inspiration from James Joyce’s book Ulysses. Using research about the book, another illustrator and I are creating scenes that align with the company’s narrative. I am working on imagery for the pages “Corporate Social Impact,” “Advocacy Organizations,” and “Pharmaceuticals/Biotech.”

My workflow consists of research, followed by initial sketches or concepts, then more developed concepts, and finally the finished piece. This is a simplified version of the detailed process I follow.

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