Week 3: Reflections

by Kenzi Quigg

This week during my internship at TANK Industries, my team and I successfully wrapped up a project. It was incredibly rewarding to see the entire process unfold, from design and selection to the specific workflow of the segment I contributed to. For a pharmaceutical company, another designer and I developed letterheads and business cards. This came after several months of conceptualizing and designing a logo (a phase I wasn’t involved in) that harmonized with other industry brands while also standing out uniquely.

I’ve now started a new project: creating illustrations that I will convert to vectors for a PR company. I’m really excited about this opportunity because I’d like to improve my vector skills. However, a challenge lies in replicating the style of an existing illustrator on the project. This style features black line drawings with a pop of orange, a primary color in their brand assets. My focus this week has been on gathering reference photos, making initial sketches, and drafting first versions.

One particular challenge I’ve faced is drawing hands. Although I took a figure drawing class a couple of semesters ago, it didn’t cover hands extensively. I feel a bit less confident about the hands in each sketch, but it’s excellent practice.

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