COMD3504 - Section OL10 - Spring 2021

Author: Alayna Hunte

Assignment 2 response

Language is typically viewed as a verbal or written method used to express something. Not only does language express actions, items, emotions; but different people around the world express it in different ways, which is why there are multiple languages. A word can have a meaning in one country but another meaning in the next country, same with gestures. Which makes me wonder, is Sign Language taught the same universally or differently according to the popular gestures in each country?

Symbols and icons are tools that relate people whether they share the same language or not. Most of the time humans are able to understand symbols universally, like traffic signs and emojis. Wherever you live these things hold similar meanings. This is why learning to make icons are is important for designers to accomplish. It’s a skill you can incorporate in a design project that will be viewed all over the world.

The relationship between language and design in today’s culture can determine how successfully your audience reacts to your design project. Just like with symbols and icons, if your design features a character preforming certain hand gestures that Americans will find funny, the design will be successful in America. However the same gestures may be viewed as offensive by people in Japan because the two have separate cultures with separate languages. In the design world, it goes a long way to have consideration about language barriers and thinking in context of who your target audiences are.

Homework 1b

Being a graphic designer differs from other creative occupations because there is less focus on individual artistic style. The role of designer is to provide problem solving through function and aesthetics. Our creations show how art can be incorporated into things we use on the daily. Some examples would be the design of your furniture, store signs, food logos, and more.

The more often that technology advances so does design. Designers are able to do more parts of the design process themselves because so many tools are available. Also graphic designers can use these tools to better individualize their design styles. Such as all the Adobe programs that allow designers to bring more variety to their portfolios.

Today in design it is most urgent for graphic designers to keep up with innovations in social and visual communication. Figuring out how to apply design to the world around us in a functional way. This means solving problems by also upholding visual interest to the consumers.