In McLuhan’s influential 1964 book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. in one of the chapters McLuhan discusses that a medium is always under another medium. An example he uses is that “a contenting of writing can be a speech, a written word is the content of print and print is the content of telegraph”. The reason for this is that are some ways to send your ideas or trying to inform your target audience of the advancement of technology in today’s world.
Even though there is a lot of medium the only is issue is the concept of “age of anxiety” which is causing people to transition from something old to new like an example how people use myspace and transition to Facebook. The media is more important than the content itself because as time changes so do media like the example it doesn’t matter what your target audience media they are using.

If you are trying to reach a young group they can easily transition from one medium to another medium, but the older group finds it harder to transitions to newer mediums. McLuhan remarks that the young should not be allowed to be exposed to old methods and behaviors in order to have the right perception of the actual mediums being used at the time. I agree with McLuhan’s remarks with the new generation only knows the new mediums but people who were taught how to use old mediums transition to new mediums are a bigger asset because they can still have access to the old transitions.