According to Heller, the concept of mainstream vs. underground is relevant in contemporary design because mainstream culture depends on the ideas of underground culture, to stay fresh and popular. It’s almost as if it were a life cycle in advertising or stages of evolution. The reason for that is because underground culture always starts off as unpopular and different from what is mainstream. However, as time goes on and what is mainstream loses popularity, the weird and different gains popularity. Soon, what was underground becomes popular enough that it becomes mainstream. If it is very popluar, it may even become the standard, until it’s popularity begins to die down and the people start looking for something new again.

The “Be Stupid” ad campaign by Anomaly New York, for Diesel is a good example of advertising influenced by underground culture. Underground culture goes against the norms of society, making it’s followers rebels. When you take a message such as “be stupid” is that not rebellious? Additionally, the campaign isn’t simply saying “be stupid”, but elaborating on what being stupid can do for you in a positive way. In other words, they are changing the way people perceive what “stupid” means. What was always looked down upon, is now being questioned if it is all a completely bad thing. In one headline, it says “Smart sees what there is. Stupid sees what there could be.” implying that being stupid allows for imagination and breeds creativity.

I’m not sure in what ways this campaign has directly influenced the mainstream, but I do think it has further enforced the idea that stupidity and fun are undeniably connected with one another. When you look at the images that are paired with the headlines, you can’t help but laugh and smile at them. I would even goes as far as to say that we might be envious of the people in those scenes, and wish it was us, because it looks like fun. Even if it’s not very fun and it is a bad idea, we know that we’ll have a story to tell, as another headline suggests. That’s probably the biggest impact it will have on the mainstream. The reassurance that even if you do something stupid, it’ll be okay, because it’s cool and you’ll have a story to tell.