According to the author, Walter Gropius, art isn’t something that can be fully developed in school or any kind of learning. Since school is here to teach you formats, rules, and techniques. Not the creativities and ideas. For example, the school will teach you what are primary colors, secondary colors, and metallic colors. Some rules would tell you what color mix with what color will create a certain sense of feelings. Yes, and it’s something that you need to know before you start to create your art pieces. But art is not fully following the rule. Is about how you use these concepts in your ideas. If every art student got out of school, and follow the rules and formats that they learned in school. It will create repetition of “art”, and these pieces of art don’t count as art. It’s more toward programs, the mathematical sense…etc. Designers can’t learn art totally in school, they need experience and research. For example, research a company or activities before you start the art. Or maybe have a trial, or experience of it.

Typography is another way to communicate with people. It’s a strong way to communicate with people since typography can deliver information quickly and efficiently. It will cause less misunderstanding compared to a picture or art itself. Typography is a way to make language visible. Typography has risen when the technologies are being more developed. As it rises, more typefaces are being developed. Typography is about readability and legibility. Most of the time typography is playing with missing words, consciousness, and impression of words to create curiosity in people. And the use of this curiosity in people to finish reading of the information that you wanted to deliver or provided.

However, only having typography isn’t having much fun. Since it’s playing off with positioning, colors, and typefaces. So Typophoto is being developed. Typophoto is typography with photos. Which is something that we often see and use today. Typophoto can create better visuals compared to typography itself.