Society has continuously continued to develop and grow throughout the years, but not only society has grown as decades pass. Graphic design and the designers have also evolved as technology began to be created and everything became more focused towards that aspect. Both society and graphic design are connected, According to the text, this is something Armstrong would agree with. 

We as designers have to see and interact with our society to see the true art around us. Although, as society first developed with technology, early avant-Garde artists viewed authored work of the old art world as shamefully elitist and ego driven. Yet we can agree that one has to understand and see the purpose of that past design in order to build art of today. Munari and Armstrong both believed in that as well, which is why they observed things in such different aspects. 

Designers now have begun to evolve into design observers or as the term Dmitri Seigel uses “prosumers”.  He combined both producer and consumer into one, designers are now in charge of things such as design, manufacturing, and the development. Technology has pushed designers into having to be able to produce work with multiple kinds of designs. Which is a good thing because it expands ones way of thinking along with the work they will be able to produce. Asking yourself Theoretical questions as a designer is an important thing that we should all concern ourselves with because it helps create another path to creativity, while also expanding your way of thinking and handling the design you are creating. It also gives one time to reflect on the task at hand and find the solution to the problem one may have had with their art.