The role design should play in society is the collaboration of designers and the public in order to create the balance of life. By this, designers engage more with the world instead of designing for the sole purpose of authorship. It is a designer’s social responsibility to engage in their “societies politically and culturally”. Additionally, what distinguishes the field of design to other creative occupations is that the field of design is expanding because of the engagement it has globally. Its no longer restricted by certain objective communication.

Designers should concern themselves with unsolvable theoretical questions because there’s so many theories about design and as a designer you should recognize what kind of designer you are. Whether you are a rational, self expressive, prosumer, universal, or anonymous designer. Theories can play a huge role on how you want to communicate design. The role that technology plays in shaping design is that it makes it easier for designers to create more “form and content”. It brings a more collective authorship, in which makes designers more universal.

The most urgent problems facing designers today is that there are constant changes happening. Keeping up to date can be difficult and the process of  “form to be functional” constantly needs to be enhanced. However, having a method when designing  can make the process easier. For instance, a graphic designer can design a poster to inform and communicate with the public using techniques and methods they know in order to do so. The designer is responsible for solving these problems because they are the ones that connect art and the public, in order to respond to the needs that are being demanded.