Jessica Lee- Mar 31st / Apr 14th

Polysemy- the ability for a word to possess multiple meanings. 

En Abyme- an image that contains a smaller version of itself; buried deep within.

Linguistic Sign- a sign of and suggested concept

Connoted- imply or suggest.


Relay- allows you to question the image due to the text that wanders or adds dimensions.

Anchorage- ropes things back to your understanding. 

Non-Coded- existing like a pile of words; non-linear, heaps of images.

Coded- certain words next to each other; dependent on the tone, delivery, and presentation. 

Rhetoric Ideology- convinces you of a point that all images are filled with cultural meanings. 

Meta Linguistic- sits on top of a language with a lot of communication in a picture; it is flowy and not linear.

Based on the reading it seems to be that, we take what we are aware of and we break it down to what we grew up with based on culture.  For example, in the image we see the pasta brand, tomato, onion, and cheese. This indicates a classic meal with all of the ingredients that are in the image and we associate it with Italian culture, because of what is being portrayed in life that we encounter as we grow up with different people or experience. 


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