Marla Laboy- March 24/April 14

“In the photograph-at least at the level of the literal message-the relationship of signifieds to signifiers is not one of “transformation” but of
“recording,” and the absence of a code clearly reinforces the myth of photographic “naturalness”: the scene is there, captured mechanically, not humanly (the mechanical is here a guarantee of objectivity).”

” The photograph, message without a code, must thus be opposed to the
drawing which, even when denoted, is a coded message.”

“When it comes to the “symbolic message,” the linguistic message no longer guides identification but interpretation, constituting a kind of vise which holds the connoted meanings from proliferating, whether towards excessively individual regions (it limits, that is to say, the projective power of the image) or towards dysphoric values.”

I had a difficult time understanding portions of this reading, however one thing I picked up on was how Ronald Barthes analyzed everything, including his own thoughts and analyzations of the image. My only question for our second written assignment is how deeply should we analyze our own chosen advertisement?

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