Ruimel Graham – March 24th

This Dove commercial is one of most iconic ad about inner beauty. The ad is about how people view others than how they view themselves. The message is too uplift people about their self beauty. The sketch artist drew what the woman think of themselves then relived at the end how the sketch artist really view the woman when he seen them. The ones that the woman describe themselves was “ugly” than the ones that people views them.

This is an ad for Heineken. Back in 2018, Heineken posted an ad how a bartender pass a beer to a white woman that passes 3 other black people at first then uses a tag line “Sometimes, lighter is better.” People could look as this as racist. To me I think people are sensitive because if you seen in the first clips the woman look thirsty and others 3 black people didn’t look thirsty, they look happy and quench. The bartender pass the beer to the woman that look thirsty. As for the tag line it showing that the beer is lightweight not heavy, it’s so light that it can be pass in long distance compare to an object that’s heavy.

Back in 2019, Gucci releases an sweater that offended a lot of people. The sweater remind people of “blackface”. During slavery the whites uses black faces to make fun of black people appearance on tv, shows, and movies. It’s offensive for black people. This can be seen as racist especially during this time of age where slavey been over.


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