Please email: Online Class Sessions

Hi Everyone – the following is the same as an email you should have received on Thurs. Mar. 19. Reposting here to confirm that everyone has received and replied.

I wanted to provide you with an update for Tuesday, and ask you to reply with a little bit of info.

First the update: CUNY ended up brokering a deal with CISCO WEBEX to host our online class sessions. There has been a little bit of back-and-forth concerning the platform we’d use, and I apologize if you’ve spent time familiarizing yourself with Zoom. I know that some instructors are also using other platforms. But WEBEX is the platform that is now the standard for CUNY, and we’ll stick with it. Plus it seems like there is some really solid, intuitive functionality, not to mention a reliable APP that will allow you to log on from a mobile device.

You should have just received an invitation to join next Tuesday morning’s meeting via Cisco WebEx.

This leads to the Request for Reply: Please send me an email to as soon as you can, including the following:
– confirmation that you received the meeting notification from WebEx
– confirmation that you can attend this Tuesday’s class, or if not, please let me know
– the device that you plan to use to log in, ie. phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.
– any questions, concerns, issues you’re encountering

We want to make sure everyone is properly equipped to participate in these online classes. If you’re at all worried about your capacity to log in for class, please let me know. The department may have some devices available if that is an issue, and we are gauging the need for computer labs if absolutely necessary.

Looking forward to hearing back from everyone.

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