Alexis Vega Velez- March 23

This is an image of a billboard I saw located on Houston street between Lafayette and Crosby streets. It is Indya Moore’s Calvin Klein shoot. I picked this because the model you see in this advertisement is actually transgender and non-bionary. They stared in a series called “Pose” which helped give a voice to transgenders. Back in the day, movies use to place actual women to play transgender roles instead of transgenders themselves. I appreciate the fact that the world is finally noticing the different people in the world.

This is a screenshot of the official dove website present today. The majority of the website pictures feature women of color. Just one question: Is this towards more of a diversity aspect or is it more of a racial profiling aspect?

This is a screenshot of the Secret Deodorant commercial featured during the 2020 Super bowl. It displayed women equality in a scenerio where a game of football was taking place. After getting a touchdown two players took their helmets off to reveal a Caucasian woman and a African American woman. It is not only addressing gender equality, it is also addressing racial equality.

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