March 24 – Paulina Tipantasig

This ad was made in 2017 for Nivea which is a German Skincare company. As you can see from the advert above, the choice of words for this campaign was very poorly chosen as it says “White is Purity.” to make this worst, they specifically aimed the campaign at people in the Middle East which caused many people to call the advert racist. This ad is also controversial since it identifies whites as more than other races because of the tagline used. Even though it says white as the color, it is characterizing white people.

In early January of 2018,  H&M which is a clothing company came under fire for an advertisement that shows a African American child in a sweatshirt that read: “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” This emphasizes racism because it is telling that African American are monkeys in the jungle as a black boy is wearing it. And also it characterizing whites as survival experts, meaning that whites have power while blacks are powerless .


This ad was made for Lancome in 2019. Lancome is known as a French company that makes perfumes and cosmetics. This ad touches the race and skin color of each of the models to represent the color foundations that the company is selling. This is seen as been characterizing or identifying people by its skin color or race since the left model is light skin, the middle one is brown skin and the right one is dark skin.

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