Ruimel Graham March 17

The excerpt Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, the author,  Marshall McLuhan, describes that media and technology has been an long term effect for humans. Media and Technology is helpful for human. Media helps people communicate through the internet. As I was reading the excerpt, I can agree with McLuhan on how media change people ways. Technology help media to be advance. One of the biggest influence that media has a impact on is our phones.

Phones help people communicate all around the world. Media is apart of advanced technology. Instead of writing a letter that would take days to be receive, a person could send text within 1 sec back and forth. Faster communication is key to the media. The term “The medium is the message” is being as content. The word “Message” that was used lot in the article was a key word for human senses. The author also explain that media is good but don’t let it control you. As the media grows the more control it has upon us.

Almost every where you go a person is stuck to their phone but it’s to not to be. Almost everything you wanna see is on one device. Everything that’s happening in the world right now can be seen on one device. Through out the years technology has become more advanced. Technology in media has become humanity’s best invention. Media helps designers like us to get our name out to the world. Todays’s society social media is a best way to get your work seen. Also social media is a way to make money and start a business. Since socializing with others isn’t a thing anymore. More people connect with each through social media.

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