Andy Cuevas – march 17

Marshall McLuhan describes technology and media as “extensions of man.” McLuhan means a lot by this statement; for instance, automation is an aspect of technology. Automation plays a huge role in creating different roles for people. This involves people’s involvement in human associations and in their work, which had been destroyed in the era of mechanical technology. However, with the current automation, many job systems have ended up eliminating many jobs as well as laying off a broad range of workers.
In other cases where cultures focus on assigning roles instead of different jobs to people, the skew and the dwarfs end up establishing their own spaces since they are not expected to fit in niches that do not fit them anyway. Moreover, technological influences occur at the levels of concepts and opinions. Still, in the long run, they are designed to change people’s perceptions, patterns, and ratios steadily without any resistance.  Therefore, if the “medium is the message,” then a serious artist is are supposed to experience technology with a lot of impunity.  Artists and designers are much aware of technology and changes within the technology through their sense of perception. Additionally, money is another aspect that has shaped the roles of designers and artists because it helps in extending their sense of life. Unfortunately, this change never relies on people’s approval or disapproval. This is why artists and designers tend to move from ivory to control towers in societies. Similarly, artists are supposed to shape, analyze, and understand the life of structures and forms established by the electric technology in their role of idea creation.

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