Jonathan Valero – March 10th

How should we design? well according to Tschichold in The New Type with the idea of “Clarity above all. Early typography had the freedom to be experimental and expressive because we didn’t have any rules for what makes good design. All that was known was that is the text is large and attention grabbing we can catch a larger audience.In this modern age however we like to have out things small,efficient and clear gone are the days of large serif fonts or fancy italics today we got for curved san serifs fonts for maximum readability.

If you asked Joseph Muller then he would tell you that you should design with mathematical precision in mind with the “Grid” as a blueprint. Design being almost the opposite of Art with Art being a persons self expression design is a calculation and researched piece that is created with a very specific intention in mind. On top of intention it’s also created to be a piece of the environment its created form, designs are creations made to be very modern very “now” they are not made to reinvent the wheel instead they are made to make the wheel more appealing and more appealing to modern audiences.

My opinion of how we should design is a combination of both of these ideas. I feel like design should revolve around the client more then anyone else we as designers work to create the vision of those who use our services so because of this we need to be able to be calculative to create anything that’s asked of us but to be able to try to make it as modern as possible to make sure it has wide appeal to anyone who would observe it.

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