Alexis Vega Velez- March 10th

In comparing Jan Tschichold, Karl Gerstner and Josef Muller- Brockmann, we realize that all have a different way of believing the way one should design. Jan Tschichold compares in his writing, The New Technology, old typography to new typography. He touches upon how new typography has a need to be clear because of the amount of print being put out to communicate to others. He says in his writing that they believe it is wrong to arrange a text as if there were some focal point in the center of a line. For example, justified arrangement, of a block of text or short paragraph, each line would have different tracking depending on the amount of words on the line. He also goes on to say that Form must be created out of the function. We must have a reason to make something come to life for the people.

Karl Gerstner expressed something called Designing Programmes in his writing. This is a way of problem solving which is what us as designers do. We are problem solvers no matter what field within graphic design we decide to embrace. “The creative process is to be reduced to an act of selection”, he states and I agree. I relate it to my copywriting class, where we begin with strategy which determines our problem, then to find out the best solution to then come up with headlines and taglines to combine together and create a solution in disguise. The initial point of the program is to make the bad difficult and the good easy.

Josef Muller-Brockmann talks about grids and how grids show an expression of order at which the designer composes work in terms that are constructive. Grids are an excellent tool to use when trying to be precise. Grids are another way of designing in a matter that allows you to think of what is aesthetically pleasing for the viewer.

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