march 10th assignment

     How these artists should design is by being a problem solver to any work or project that clients received. It has an important role in design and should be appreciated more in many ways because we put in our hardwork, time effort and dedication. Typography has specific characteristics. It involves creating a complete and reusable typeface that allows you to make language visible. Back then people did not understand the importance of its function and focused more on its appearance. New typography was made to fix this problem, it is based on clear simple san serif typefaces and an asymmetric layout. The main thing about typography is to communicate a message between the person and the artwork. With those two it plays a big role in regards to a perspective. 

    According to The New Typography by Jan Tschichold , “In the old typography, the arrangement of individual units is subordinated to the principle of arranging everything on a central axis. In my historical introduction I have shown that this principle started in the Renaissance and has not yet been abandoned. Its superficiality becomes obvious when we look at Renaissance or baroque title pages.” As I was saying in the first paragraph, typography was not common and artists would use old techniques to work on projects.  The Industrial Revolution typography was all about communicating with the masses. Through signs, posters, newspapers, periodicals and advertisements, typefaces became larger and catchier with bolder lettering . Also, shading as well as experimental serif and sans serif typefaces. 

   In the reading Grid and Design Philosophy by Josef Müller-Brockmann, “Constructivist design that is capable of analysis and reproduction can influence and enhance the taste of a society and the way it conceives forms and colors. Design that is objective, committed to the common weal, well composed, and refined constitutes the basis of democratic behavior.“ Constructivist design is a movement with origins in Russia, Constructivism was primarily an art and architectural movement. It rejected the idea of art for arts’ sake and the traditional bourgeois class of society to which previous art had been catered. Using the colors plays a big role in an artwork, especially the fonts.

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