Art was Seventeen thousand years ago, humans painted realistic images of bulls, bison, stags, horses, and other animals on the walls of the caves. Art is not only drawn figures, art is colors tint even shades. Art can be an abstraction of shapes done in a composition.

In the first reading by  “Walter Gropius; The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus (1923): Gropius_Bauhaus” he states that forms and color gain meaning only as they are related to our inners self like for example that color Red it reflects a meaning of emotion than blue or yellow.

In the second reading by László Moholy-Nagy ,it talks about typography and typo photo and how typo photo gives the typography for meaning.  Photographyis highly effective when used as typographical material. It may appear as illustration beside the words, or in the form of “phototext” in place of words. I think its simple to what designer do in advertisement that the photograph basically speaks for than the word.

In the 3rd reading by Herbert bayer i reaaly like his statement which is “typography is a service art, not a fine art” i think by which he means that typography is a way that communicates the meaning through geometric shapes but  not fine art.



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