Tabarka Tamkin- Februray 25

The key elements of art are color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. According to authors of these 3 readings, the key elements that they mostly talk about color, line, form, shape and value. But they least talk about the texture and the space. As in the reading, Herbert Bayer; “On Typography” (1967) talks about that in the past, they also “ lack concern with the alphabet, writing, and typography”. Where as that alphabets, writing and typography has become an art and it is going to be the idea to still develop in 21 century. 

The necessary for making art in the future is that the art has the power that it can bring one’s attention to make them aware of the world’s issue. They also has the power to make other truly feel the ideas, preception and give them knowledge. In the reading, Walter Gropius; “The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus”(1923) talks about the conception and visualization that “Only the individual’s capacity to feel, to know and … In a work of art the laws of the physical world, the intellectual   and the world of the spirit function and are expressed simultaneously”. This quote explains that the idea of creating art and in work of art. It has the power to make one individual can feel physically and emotionally.

Education or the academy should teach artists about their field  that the responsibilities that artists’ ideas can be the key to contact with world. The idea sometimes can emotionally and physically connect and others can relate and share thier experience to it. In the text by László Moholy- “Nagy; Typophoto”(1925) says that “The preliminary work in this field was done by the illustrated papers, posters and by display printing”. This quote tells us that the initial work of this artists field is done by the illustration of paper and posters and display printing can inspire the community and culture.

The idea that continues to be important in 21st century for art and design is Typophoto. Typography is communication and has been use in type and Photography is the visual art and their portmanteau is Typophoto. This idea is still going to develop in 21st century as the László Moholy- “Nagy; Typophoto”(1925) says in the reading that “ In the future every printing press will be posses its own block- making plant, and it can be confidently stated that the future of typographic methods lies with the photomachinical  processes” and so on. In the text Moholy is saying that not only the printing press changes but also the typography and the photography will change and the technique of typography and photography will be electronic. This process is going to be called photomechanical. 


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