February 18

Technology is something that I believe has no end and its renewable. Although not all generation are up to date with the technology. Technology is however something useful but needs to used right.

In the article by El Lissitzky, I learned from the part where he stated “We know two kinds of writing: a symbol for each idea = hieroglyph (in China today) and a symbol for each sound = letter” and then he gives example saying that The hieroglyph is international and if a Russian, a German, or an American impresses the symbols (pictures) of the ideas on his memory, he can read Chinese or Egyptian (silently).And its true people can relate and understand despite that is relative.

I also think what is inspiring and I believe help in improving the technology was the invention ofGutenberg, the inventor of the system of printing from movable type. I think without his invention we wouldn’t have printers today.

In the article who we are the author I think is stating that humans are the ones who built technology because the ways we design through technology now was invented in the 19th. The square—1915, the line, grid, point—1919.



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