Jessica Lee- Feb 18

Technology is a constant change in our world and it is advancing faster than we know. One thing that has an advancement due to technological advancement is, art of printing with new instruments that produce books. In El Lissitzky’s Our Book (1926), Lissitzky talks about the way that art changes along with technology and the materials that are used to create art. For example, Lissitzky discusses how modernized machinery processes are replacing manual processes which in turn changes the appearances and forms of things. He also discusses how the visual aspect of books can change due to the changes of languages, construction and style. During the civil war, Europe had printed material that looked similar to all the other countries. However, after the war, Europe saw America’s new printed matter and they were shocked. In America, the words were illustrations of pictures. 

In Europe, a new form of printed matter was introduced. The form of printed matter was when Blast, a magazine that the Vortex Group came out with. This magazine had large and simple words in presentation that were all in block letters. In Germany, there was a printed document of the portfolio, Neue Jugend (1917) which became an important document for new, modernized typography. During the time of the Revolution, the traditional book had been torn from its binds, increased the size, made colors more prominent, and distributed into the streets as a poster. Europe’s intention was to have people read it closely and make sense of the message that it was trying to send and America’s intent in creating posters was for people just to get a glimpse of it. 

Due to influences, children as they grow will make something new and improved due to the fact that they are being introduced to an increasing amount of children’s books appearing. Books have become accessible to people who want to read them, this will increase a different point of view to the world, to space, to shape, and to color. Since technology has advanced, books are also in digital form to be read on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. 

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