HW 2 February 11th

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and its structure. a common fallacy holds that language is above all else for everyone including the linguist but the task of a linguist is to dispel absurd notions, mirages, prejudice, mirage and fictions that arise. Both Semiology and Linguistics have a variance in qualities, which permits for an observable contrast between the two.

Semiology is a science that studies the life of signs within society. It is a part of social psychology and consequently of general psychology. Deemed “The most important of all these systems”. Semiology would show what constitutes signs, what laws govern them. Linguistics is only a part of the general science of semiology. To determine the exact place of semiology is the task of the psychologist. The task of the linguist is to find out what makes language a special system within the mass of semiological data. This is the distinction between the two studies. We use signs in everyday life to understand directions, and communicate without words via colors, arrows etc.

There are both related aspects and distinct qualities between language, graphic communication and visual arts. To start, graphic communication and visual arts are very much alike being that, both fields would entail the creative at task to convey a sort of message through their ideas. Which is in itself, a form of language.

Their distinct qualities lie in the understanding of interpretation. Language is founded on the assumed abstract of words and their meaning, whereas one sentence in one language may mean something else. Visual arts are showing you what the artist is intending for the viewer to see. Graphic communication is more refined and tailored to be specifically what someone or the artist is wanting to show.

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