Nirel Escalante- February 11

In the reading given, “Course in General Linguistics” by Ferdinand de Saussure, I have learned the the many categories that the study of linguistics holds. Its a term that not only defines speech but all other forms of expression as well. Semiology is a science that students signs within society that is a part of social psychology. Language relates to semiology in the sense that it is a certain special system within semiological data.

I found the reading interesting because it really contemplates the meaning of language and specifies it down. I’ve learned that language is a system of signs which essentially is the union of meanings, sound and images. In comparison, linguistic signs are not abstractions, however they are socially and collectively approved. With that being said, symbols can communicate to larger audiences in that it goes beyond speech. A symbol must be able to communicate a simple meaning across various kinds of peoples, cultures, etc though it is impossible for a symbol to be completely universal. In America, we use a variety of symbols including emojis, bathroom signs, social media icons, and transportation to name a few.

Language, graphic communication and visual arts relate to each other in the fact that they are all systems of communication. These forms of communication have to adhere to the “correct” way of communicating according to the period that it is in so it makes sense and effectively communicates to that culture/ time period.


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