Jonathan Valero- February 11

Signs and symbols now have multiple uses in our everyday language one that a lot of people are familiar with are emojis. Today in modern context emojis are used to express the emotion a text is meant to be read and some people can see a text without emojis as upsetting or malicious depending on the context.¬† They’ve become an extension of expression for the younger generation but its not the only way we use signs in everyday life symbols are also shown everywhere for driving we use them as non verbal instructions and warning for people to know of any up coming dangers or instructions on how to get to destinations.

Signs/Signifiers are used in general communication to assist in how people can read and understand information. In this reading Course in General Linguistics Ferdinand uses diagrams to visually show some of the concepts that readers might not understand by simply reading them.

language,graphic,communication and visual arts share a lot of similarities to one another in that they are all forms of expressing ideas.These could be for social reasons like to communication to one another or it could also be for commercial reasons like ads. some of the main differences  among these is how they are supposed to capture our attention for example language is all based on our sense of hearing and so have a more direct impact on us because its more personal in the way we are exposed to it. The others instead are more visual so they have to work to convince us to feel the way they want us to with the use of images colors and fonts.

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