We know that language is the research object of linguistics, but as a language of semiotic phenomena, it is the research object of semiotics. So what is the relationship between linguistics and semiotics? Scholars and experts have different opinions on this issue. Some people see semiology as a study that includes linguistics, while others see it contrarily. They argue that the meaning of the signs is omnipresent, and the scope of semiotics is all-encompassing. Since language is one of many sign phenomena, linguistics that specializes in this phenomenon is certainly a branch of semiology study. It was the Swiss linguist Saussure who first raised this point. In his book “Course in General Linguistics” he clearly states: “Language is a system of signs that express ideas, and is therefore comparable to a system of writing, the alphabet of deaf-mutes,

S5Tnbolic rites, polite formulas, military signals, etc. But it is the most important of all these systems. A science that studies the life of signs within society is conceivable; it would be a part of social psychology and consequently of general psychology; I shall call it semiology”.

Saussure believes that any language sign is composed of “signifier” and “signified“, “signifier” refers to the sound image of language, and “signified” refers to the concept of things reflected in language. For example, the word “tree” in English, its pronunciation is “signifier”, and the concept of “tree” is “signified“. Signifier and signified are indivisible, like two sides of a coin; However, Saussure believes that the connection between a particular signifier and a particular signifier is not inevitable, but a convention. For example, in the word “tree”, the concept of tree and the specific pronunciation of “tree” are not necessarily combined. The pronunciation of “tree” in English is obviously different from that in French and Latin, but the meaning of “tree” can be expressed. This is the principle of signs’ arbitrariness. The arbitrariness of signs is an important principle of Saussure’s linguistics. It governs the entire linguistic system of Saussure’s language and is of paramount importance.

Although, language, graphic communication, and visual arts use different methods to achieve their purpose, but the goal of these are essentially identical: to convey a message.  language, graphic communication, and visual arts also evolve with human activities, with the development of science and technology and the use of new media, language, graphic communication, and visual arts will present a more exciting picture in the future development of communication. 

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