February 11

What distinguishes semiology from linguistics? Semiology is the study of sign process. Meanwhile, linguistics is the study of the language. In the excerpt by Ferdinand de Saussure’s Course in General Linguistics, he states that “Linguistics is very closely related to other sciences that sometimes borrow from its data” and he provides an example that linguistics is related to social psychology. I agree that linguistics­­­­­ is related to social psychology because in every day language people speak differently. However, they understand one another despite their pronunciation. ­­

Saussure stated in the excerpt that Language is a system of signs that express ideas. This is why we use signs in everyday language because when using signs, it states and ideas or gives a meaning. Like for example, when texting we use emojis and every emoji implies a deferent feeling or meaning. Signs, signifiers and signified are employed automatically because signs are a language that conveys a message that is basically put into a symbol. A sign consists of a signifier which is the word like for example “justice” and the signified is the object.

I think that language and graphic communication are really related because graphic is the visual part of the design and the verbal part is the word and without both the design wouldn’t be balanced.

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