From the first article I believe Marinetti envisions a big revolution as the new decades approaches. He mentions a lot more of destruction and war and wants the new revolution or artist to be wiling to promote that I their pieces. He mentions “Beauty exits only in struggle. There is no masterpiece that has an aggressive character.” However he also mentions “Poetry must be a violent assault on the forces of the unknown, to force them to vow before man.” Would this be him trying to say for artist to bring unknown topics or maybe ideas that people might stay away from or maybe people see some ideas as shameful?.

In the second article, Rodchenko mentions a lot more of the power of Graphic Design being an essential part in society. He together with his wife Stepanova “positioned artist as agents of social change standing at the center of a brave new world. He also mentions that technology wasn’t created by men but that men themselves or more like artist themselves learned to use technology accordingly for their benefit. He called themselves “Artists yesterday, constructors today”. However there was a line that he mentions where he said “Technology is the mortal enemy of art” I believe maybe he was trying to say that art being created by hand is more meaningful than created on screen. For example like a signature is more personal when created by hand than when you sign on a device.

Overall I believe Rochenko and Lissitzky would agree with each other when they talk about technology. Lissitzky sees technology as a helpful material to produce variations of the first invention. He also mentions “What we find, more or less, in the art of printing are masterly variations accompanied by technical improvement in the production of the instruments.’ Stating that technology as it helps with new variations, it will also help with improvements of these inventions. I believe without technology none of these inventions would be appreciated the way they are today. Art was transformed with technology because there are many new ways to create it and to promote it.